TED PIETRZAK understands the power of not-for–profit organizations. Especially when they are well run and driven by passionate people to fulfill a mission. They can have a profound effect on an individual and a community. Ted's experiences guiding organizations toward achieving their goals have uniquely positioned him as a powerful collaborator, a person whose advice is sought by many. The insights and capabilities that have grown from these experiences are the ingredients to success in any project. And the team that has grown around Ted brings a collective knowledge and practical expertise that expands the potential in every opportunity. If you're interested in discovering how working together might strengthen and catalyze growth in your organization, connect with Ted today and explore the possibilities.
EXPERIENCES Extensive education in arts management combined with over 30 years of experience working in directorial positions with unique brands, cultural institutions, and not-for-profits has afforded Ted Pietrzak keen perspectives on creating organizational effectiveness and building teams around common goals. From a capital campaign that raised over 36 million dollars to the planning and opening of an 84,000-square-foot, award winning art museum building—Ted's efforts have helped the organizations he works with to grow and create profound impacts on their communities, and his involvements have expanded to include leadership roles in the arts, education, healthcare, government, economic development, tourism, and community building.

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CAPABILITIES Ted Pietrzak is a specialist in moving not-for profit organizations forward. Ted is an expert in community engagement; fundraising, facility, and strategic planning; feasibility studies and capital project management; and stakeholder forum facilitation. The engagement of a network of trusted and knowledgeable associates has increased the firm's resources. Ted collaborates with a growing group of proven specialists in branding, marketing, communications, and design; public relations; fundraising; research; and training. Together, they tailor approaches that directly address the unique circumstances of each engagement. The result? A dynamic team that identifies opportunities within your organization and works with you to achieve your goals.

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THE TEAM Often, success is simply the result of selecting the right tool for the job. Ted's goal on every project is to be smartly efficient and powerfully effective—to achieve intended outcomes while making unexpected discoveries along the way. It starts with the recognition of strengths that already exist within your organization. And then a team is assembled that builds on those strengths, putting its expertise to work for you. Listening leads to understanding. Research and analysis lead to insights. What emerges is a powerful plan for success.

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CONNECT WITH TED Thanks for taking the time to discover what Ted can do for your organization. But don't just take a website's word for it. Get in touch today, and we'll explore the possibilities of working together.

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